The Long Tomorrow

by Illuminations

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released December 17, 2011

Alex Jones - Guitar/Vocals
Rick Shafer - Bass
Brian Stephens - Drums




Illuminations Akron, Ohio

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Track Name: The Best Offense (Is a Good Offense)
Ever held to modern man
A mirror of his caveman past, like
Who am I? I’m who I am

On the hunt, gotta pack a club
Stone age ways they stay with us
Hope a Wilma or Jane’s enough

Contrarian barbarians
Say we changed, we ain’t hearing them
Over our rough, rude, raucous din

We forage, and we cast aside
old bones, scraps and bloodied hides
Back to the beasts--theirs to divide

Ever held to modern man
A mirror of his caveman past like
Who am I? I’m who I am

An axe to grind, a brow so low
It’s just another caveman show
Can you see that inner animal?

We’re on the offensive.
Track Name: The Waiter
No, Sir! Not mine!
Association’s your crime
You wear the badge,
you must manage
all of the fallout
across the lines
It will come

In time,
the waiter’s
Lost connection.
Empty gestures,

Yes, Sir! I comply!
Only the directive in sight
Cameras for eyes
Calculator for a mind

You may find
You’ve lost connection.

You may find -
Track Name: Slaw Dog
Just caught the five o’clock news tonight
Johnny’s out on bail for the second time
Bring back his car and meet at the bar at nine
This time he’s mine. This time he’s fried.

Hey Johnny, you’ve been in the pen too long
Relax, have a Coke and a slaw dog
We’ve got cigars and some bottles so just pour on
This is your last song. This is your last song.

Hey Johnny, you got it in it with the wrong crew.
No hiding, and apologizin’s past due.
You should have stuck in prison with the prison food
Now I’ve poisoned you. Now I’ve poisoned you.
Track Name: Roanoke
What lies across the ocean?
What lies along the shore?
I don’t want to be destroyed anymore
Three years of fear and silence
Your proud sails and bloody oars
I don’t want to be destroyed anymore

Eastern sky’s a darkened shore
Where we were and never left before
I don’t want to be destroyed anymore
Western sea’s an empty port
Where we are and falling short
I don’t want to be destroyed anymore
Track Name: Leviathan
The idea of theocracy is, in and of itself, untenable, because it relies on religious mandates, ostensibly from a deific figure, to govern humans, apes evolved over millions of years into different, conflicting ethics. In short, the laws of heaven are incorrect to using in governing the mortal realm… yet that is precisely what is being attempted. How often can an admitted atheist serve on national government? How long has evolution been in debate when it is as true as gravity or electromagnetism? We live in a time when America is slowly falling into the grip of ecumenicalists, extremists both, who would enable the empowerment of people who genuinely believe in Revelations, people who honestly think that Genesis is literal truth. And those people, should they govern America, would be in possession of the largest nuclear armament ever amassed; people who would celebrate doomsday as the second coming of Christ would have devastating, horrifying amounts of power within their grasp. That would be Leviathan – the horror of the deep, the unknown, irresistible force out of our subconscious that would consume and engulf us all.

The problem compounding the situation is that leader to leader, we’re not so different; just one more Bronze Age myth combating another. Is that any structure for a governing body? Whose imaginary father-figure should win? Is our American rape culture, our ass-backward view of race and sexuality really any better than any other religious states’? Until we cease to define ourselves as a religious state, it will not be. Until we are guided by reason, not ghosts, religion and politics will travel in the same cart – directly over a cliff.

*includes sound clips from members of the Westboro Baptist Church
Track Name: Morning Rocket
See the vapor trail drag
Bend with the light this morning
Don’t know just where to go
The bridges are burnt and the buildings are melted
I-I-I-I do swear, I need you,
You’re no enemy, though you’re sleeping with them—
Crossed all the mountaintops
Looking for a sign in the dirt and the rocks
And hey—
A man in Gaza said, you keeping me winding up
I’ll wind up dead instead
Shotgun shells upon the rooftops
My jukebox

I will get to you if it means running too,
From the war and the news

Don’t look back, don’t even ask
For the rocket’s truth

It burns for you.

Touchdown in the center of town
With no sound, ain’t no telling
Shakes the sleep from your eyes
Sky rips and tears unfurling
I, I want to hear your scream above
The blast, the mass explosion
Wait for the winds to clash
Propellants crash right to the ocean

I will get to you if it means running too,
From the war and the news

Don’t look back, don’t even ask
For the rocket’s truth

It burns for you.
Track Name: Like A Castle
Reporting live—troops are stationed
At our undisclosed location
If you don’t see the old commander here,
That means he didn’t make it
But here we’re protected from all sides
Have guards for the prying eyes
They’ll blind any spy who spies
Inside, beyond the palisade this time
Receiving orders at noon
Memos on operation BOOM
Hot and heavy, you best get ready
For the party in the control room

The mind boggles, it’s missing
That these toggles and switches
Are mass-scale decisions
Dead Hand-spread extinction
The new commander on the intercom
Gives word the war’s still on
Don’t worry--We’ll be miles away
When the bomb goes off
Everyone itching at high noon
Sweet relief, it will come soon
The Commander booms-BOOM in full bloom
It’s a party in the control room
Track Name: Shifting Sands
No mind occupied
In this barren wilderness
Desert scenes play out
No one to bare witness.
Lured and now lost in another mirage
Exiled, to the wastes, pushing on
And on, and on

The sands, they shift, somehow conceal
The entire frame from view
No voice, no pitch can carry far
Only the void to crest the dunes
It’s nothing spreads to nowhere
Fast—covers ruins and remains
Dust for the good and bad
The wastes provides the same:
On, and on, and on

Every grain of sand whipped up
By the wind’s fierce course
Changes the configuration
Yet it seems the same as before:
No desert rose to flourish
No champion’s palm frond
Just burning days and freezing nights
The waste moves on
And on, and on
Track Name: No Good Very Bad
I must have broken some spell
Shattered a mirror, walked under a ladder
Cuz’ now when I go out, the storm-clouds gather
and if I stay inside one more time
I’ll slip into madness, oh--

The kids at school know I stare at my feet
They think they get by lying right in front of me
Their foolish intentions are just too much to take
But in the end, I’m the same as them
and I need to find an escape

Picture day with the black plastic combs
Gonna see if the nurse’ll let me home
Hey girl, I see you practicin’ your smile
One day soon I’ll get it too
But I’m gonna stew in this mood awhile,
Track Name: Summer Song
The season’s ghost, haunting all that came before
Another summer’s gone, no telling what’s in store
Why, why should I even come here anymore?
You, you decide before I pass right through the door

It’s surreal, bittersweet
How these flashes only come in dreams
A moment, frozen, of what used to be
Will I haunt the halls of your memory?

The season’s ghost, haunting all that came before
Another summer song crescendos through the fall
Why, why should I even come here anymore?
You, you decide before I pass right through the door

Even at love, somehow at odds
Try to get around, get around what keeps us apart
But in love, I reconciled every part that I saw
Now I can’t bear to lose your light in the fog

The season’s ghost, haunting all that came before
Another summer’s gone, can’t take the pain no more
Why, why should I even come here anymore?
You, you decide before I pass right through the door